What we understand and what we don’t.

Hello Unfuckers. We’re so pleased you’ve stopped by our site and have hopefully shared it like an unfortunate bout of gonorrhea. The response so far has been unexpected and quite honestly, pretty fucking cool. So we thought we’d add a blog into the mix. Like with everything we’re trying to do, we want it to help inspire people to give a bit more of a shit. Or, as we’re probably preaching to the converted, give you something to talk about, share or read while you’re waiting for that friend who’s always late. 

There won’t be any DIY tips to make your own hessian undies or recipes for chia smoothies, but there will be random thoughts about why Unfucking needs to take over the world. Of course, with some pretty pictures because apparently people don’t read these days.

Cat Teapot

Ready for more? Good. We wanted to talk a little about the reason we started the site. It seems a lot of the general population suffers from a little thing called eco apathy. Now, we all live here. And as a general life rule, we care about where we live, right? We don’t toss rubbish in the middle of our living room or decorate our bedrooms with tasteful touches of plastic? So why can’t we care a little more about the place that houses all of life? It seems like a no brainer, but sadly, it isn’t. So how do you get people to care in the first place? What pushes them into turning apathy into action? Gentle cajoling? A prodding stick? We don’t have the answer, but we think for some, the people who think it’s fucked and shrug their shoulders, it’s the understanding that small things can make a big difference. 

We’re all for baby steps, because starting from somewhere is better than starting from nowhere. 

Be An Unfucker.

Deer Tongs