The power of choice

As consumers we have a lot of power and a lot of us don’t think much about it. We have the power to say no. We have the power of choice, our choice. And unless we’ve been taken over by some mind altering parasite that only likes plastic and giving money to corporates, big change can come from switching up a few long standing habits.

Say no to plastic bags when you go shopping. Food shopping, clothes shopping, when you’re getting takeaway food. Basically, whenever you get asked for a bag. Say no to the products that have excess packaging. Like those stupid packs of apples wrapped in plastic and placed on styrofoam trays.

You can also make a powerful choice with what you buy and what you don’t. Have a look at the labels and make an informed decision. The more consumers supporting green products, the bigger shelf space they get in a supermarket. And it paves the way for other like minded brands who are struggling to get in there. The more we buy from the little guys, the better. Sure, price is important, but if you’re making a decision about something that’s an extra dollar from an independent versus the supermarket’s own brand, who do you want to be giving your hard earned cash to?

And finally, where possible, buy local and independent. Not just food, but clothes, books, alcohol – all that stuff. These businesses do it tough and are shrinking by the day.

Be An Unfucker and give them your support.