Be a meat free mother unfucker

For all you carnivores out there, we agree there’s nothing better than a bacon sandwich, generously buttered on both sides, with a slightly gooey egg and lashings of mayonnaise. The problem is, we (yes, all of us non-vegetarians) eat way too much meat.

It’s a problem from an environmental point of view as well as an ethical one. To put it simply, we eat too much meat to produce it in a natural and humane way. So animals are pumped with chemicals and kept in the kind of surroundings you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. On the environmental side of things, to keep up with our demanding appetites, we strip land and plonk cattle on there that produce more methane than transportation. 

But what we propose is not to stop eating meat and dedicate your dinners to carrots and tofu. No. What we’re saying is eat less of it. It’s one of the easiest things to do your part for climate change. And the great thing is, you appreciate a great bit of steak, lamb or turducken even more when it’s a special treat. And it should go without saying that when you do have meat, buy it ethically, not just the cheapest deal going at the supermarket. 

Let us leave you Unfuckers with this final thought. How about cooking every hard core carnivore you know your favourite vegetarian meal? It's spreading the word one roasted vegetable at a time.