15 Unfuckers for 2015

Ahhh, holidays, they sure are delicious. Sadly, for most of us, they're over. Reality has stepped in, rudely slapping us in the face with a whole new year of things to achieve and resolutions to make. So, what are yours going to be? If you're stuck for ideas, here's something we prepared earlier. We have a 2015 challenge for you: convert 15 friends into Unfuckers by the end of the year.

The whole idea of being an Unfucker is to inspire change in yourself and then others by showing them how easy it is to change one thing. We all have friends who nod politely at the idea of eco issues and then go and throw a bottle in the normal bin. So how do you go about gently changing someone without being a pain in the ass? Well, it’s all about being subtle, so in the spirit of the new year, here are 15 ideas for you:

  1. Have the biggest meat eater you know over for a surprise delicious vegetarian meal
  2. Buy a coffee loving friend a Keep Cup for a present
  3. If you’re partner isn’t eco aware, you could always exchange less plastic for sexual favours (yep, we're always here for more romantic tips)
  4. If you’re going somewhere with a friend, suggest walking instead of driving
  5. When you’re clothes shopping with a buddy, make a thing about saying no to plastic bags
  6. Get your colleagues to bring in their own lunch by having sandwich offs. Let’s face it, everyone is competitive
  7. Buy a great looking drink bottle for the friend who always buys bottled water
  8. Have a leftovers dinner party
  9. Instead of wrapping presents, use a scarf, reusable bag or even decorate some newspaper
  10. At work, change the print settings for the person either side of you so they always print both sides
  11. When you’re out at a picnic, at the beach, or just out and about, if you see rubbish, pick it up. Your friend will probably join in because no one wants to feel like an asshole
  12. On the occasions you buy your lunch with your work colleagues, suggest you all eat in
  13. Share local and independent brands with your friends
  14. If you live in a share house, have a share shelf so you don’t waste food
  15. If the subtle approach fails, go on and on about whatever environmental thing you feel most passionate about. They'll be forced into change in exchange for you shutting up.

Good luck.

The Unfuckers.