Being a realistic Unfucker

Trying to be more eco friendly is sometimes hard because there’s a fucking huge grey area to navigate your way around. Getting the right balance of good and bad is something we think about a lot. It divides a lot of people because some people are eco good to the max and think everyone should be too. For others who aren’t that way inclined, having people telling them they’re not doing enough makes them feel bad and turns them off making any changes all together.

Here’s what we think. It’s fucking hard to be 100% ‘good’. Most of us don’t live in eco friendly houses, loads of people have cars, brands who try and do the right thing in terms of sustainability and green awareness still have to make a living and they need to get their stuff transported from somewhere. The list goes on and its endless and complicated. For us, we try and make sure the good outweighs the bad. Otherwise, you just get caught up in a spiral of detail. If you buy a bag made in India that’s fairtrade and eco friendly, is that better than buying something made locally and isn’t eco friendly? Can you have a go at people not being vegan when you drive a car?

You see? It’s complicated and this makes people very passionate.

Our rule is a 70/30 majority of the good outweighing the bad. That goes for the decisions we make for the site, for our own lives, as well as the brands we like. We believe in being eco good, but realistic. For some people, it’s more, for some it’s less. We all have bills to pay, and sometimes we can’t do all the things we’d like to. So we have to make a choice and care hard about the 70% and do our best to minimise the 30%.

We prefer to walk on the line of positivity. We believe doing something is better than nothing. We believe that if a person, a brand or an organisation is trying to do the right thing in a majority of what they do, that’s a great thing because there’s a load of people out there who don’t give a shit.

The barriers for people not caring about something like the environment is others telling them they’re not doing enough or they’re not doing it right. So let’s be inclusive and encouraging of everyone who is trying to care and do something in their own way. Leave your high horse at the door.

The Unfuckers.