Unfucking impact.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the impact of The Unfuckers. We wonder if our messages are understood in the way we intended. We question whether our Facebook likes translate into real world action. We ask ourselves if people ‘like’ for the sake of liking and when it comes to the crunch, just go back to old, bad habits because it's easier.

We think about these things a lot.

In a time when people get into ice bucket challenges, searching for Kony and changing their Facebook profiles into rainbows, it makes us think even more about the difference between click caring and real life caring. Now, read this bit carefully; we're not criticising anyone who participated in any of these things, we're not saying that they're not worthy issues or people didn't truly care in their response. What we're really interested in here is the impact of mass popular social campaigns. What happens after the click?

The notion of clicktivism is a strange thing to get your head around. On the one hand, awareness is great. Being able to reach millions of people with your message via social media is a powerful, clever, amazing thing. However, it's safe and easy caring from behind your computer. What happens when people do nothing more than use your cause for LOLs and likes and then shrug their shoulders as they hop onto the next bandwagon? Is there any point in it at all?

Well, yes and no.

You can't choose the way people care or the level of how they do it. It’s about planting the seed of a thought, crossing all your body parts and seeing if and how it grows. But having said that, there’s still a big fucking difference between click caring and real life caring and only you know which one you really are. Generally speaking, we think that mass awareness is great, but perhaps no one has managed the hardest thing of all, long-term follow through; to separate the clickers from the carers.

For you Unfuckers reading this, we do hope that every thumbs up and every heart we see from you translates into something real and meaningful in your life. Perhaps we'll never be able to truly measure it, but you will. In the meantime, we’re going to keep working our asses off to make what we do count beyond just a click.

The Unfuckers.