Are we eco assholes?

‘They’re just not as good, they're too expensive...’

This is something we hear quite a lot about eco products. Sometimes it comes from a place of truth. Other times, it's a mix of good ol’ fashioned hyperbole and anecdotal hearsay. Here’s our take on it.

It’s a long, hard slog trying to create an eco friendly product. Big brands have preservatives, money, marketing, chemicals, not having a green conscious and a shit load of other stuff on their side. Green companies have to work twice as hard to create a product that is financially viable, green and effective on a bee’s dick of a budget. Ultimately, their end product will be compared to that of big brands, despite them having been made in a completely different way and according to a different set of rules. So when you take all of the above into consideration, is it really fair of us to make this kind of comparison?

The shitty thing is, when we compare eco vs. big brand, eco products will probably always come up a little short. Without the chemicals and preservatives, the toothpaste will never be as minty, the deodorant not as long lasting, the cleaning products not as hardcore, the eyeliner a tad too smudgey and the price tag never as sweet. However, instead of thinking it’s the products’ problem, that they’re just not as good, maybe it’s our attitudes that need to change.

Instead of comparing these products to what we’ve used in the past, we should give them a whole new category in our brains. Let’s make it a level playing field. After all, why would we even want to compare eco friendly with products that are bad for both the planet and us? We should compare eco with eco and leave big brands out of it.  

So let’s give eco products a break. Maybe we’ll have to fork out a little more, apply our deodorant twice a day instead of once and get used to a little less fake spearmint, but surely that’s a small price to pay. The more we support the companies that are busting their asses to make change, the better off we’ll all be.  

The Unfuckers