15 Unfuckers for 2015

Ahhh, holidays, they sure are delicious. Sadly, for most of us, they're over. Reality has stepped in, rudely slapping us in the face with a whole new year of things to achieve and resolutions to make. So, what are yours going to be? If you're stuck for ideas, here's something we prepared earlier. We have a 2015 challenge for you: convert 15 friends into Unfuckers by the end of the year.

The whole idea of being an Unfucker is to inspire change in yourself and then others by showing them how easy it is to change one thing. We all have friends who nod politely at the idea of eco issues and then go and throw a bottle in the normal bin. So how do you go about gently changing someone without being a pain in the ass? Well, it’s all about being subtle, so in the spirit of the new year, here are 15 ideas for you:

  1. Have the biggest meat eater you know over for a surprise delicious vegetarian meal
  2. Buy a coffee loving friend a Keep Cup for a present
  3. If you’re partner isn’t eco aware, you could always exchange less plastic for sexual favours (yep, we're always here for more romantic tips)
  4. If you’re going somewhere with a friend, suggest walking instead of driving
  5. When you’re clothes shopping with a buddy, make a thing about saying no to plastic bags
  6. Get your colleagues to bring in their own lunch by having sandwich offs. Let’s face it, everyone is competitive
  7. Buy a great looking drink bottle for the friend who always buys bottled water
  8. Have a leftovers dinner party
  9. Instead of wrapping presents, use a scarf, reusable bag or even decorate some newspaper
  10. At work, change the print settings for the person either side of you so they always print both sides
  11. When you’re out at a picnic, at the beach, or just out and about, if you see rubbish, pick it up. Your friend will probably join in because no one wants to feel like an asshole
  12. On the occasions you buy your lunch with your work colleagues, suggest you all eat in
  13. Share local and independent brands with your friends
  14. If you live in a share house, have a share shelf so you don’t waste food
  15. If the subtle approach fails, go on and on about whatever environmental thing you feel most passionate about. They'll be forced into change in exchange for you shutting up.

Good luck.

The Unfuckers. 


Be a meat free mother unfucker

For all you carnivores out there, we agree there’s nothing better than a bacon sandwich, generously buttered on both sides, with a slightly gooey egg and lashings of mayonnaise. The problem is, we (yes, all of us non-vegetarians) eat way too much meat.

It’s a problem from an environmental point of view as well as an ethical one. To put it simply, we eat too much meat to produce it in a natural and humane way. So animals are pumped with chemicals and kept in the kind of surroundings you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. On the environmental side of things, to keep up with our demanding appetites, we strip land and plonk cattle on there that produce more methane than transportation. 

But what we propose is not to stop eating meat and dedicate your dinners to carrots and tofu. No. What we’re saying is eat less of it. It’s one of the easiest things to do your part for climate change. And the great thing is, you appreciate a great bit of steak, lamb or turducken even more when it’s a special treat. And it should go without saying that when you do have meat, buy it ethically, not just the cheapest deal going at the supermarket. 

Let us leave you Unfuckers with this final thought. How about cooking every hard core carnivore you know your favourite vegetarian meal? It's spreading the word one roasted vegetable at a time.  




The power of choice

As consumers we have a lot of power and a lot of us don’t think much about it. We have the power to say no. We have the power of choice, our choice. And unless we’ve been taken over by some mind altering parasite that only likes plastic and giving money to corporates, big change can come from switching up a few long standing habits.

Say no to plastic bags when you go shopping. Food shopping, clothes shopping, when you’re getting takeaway food. Basically, whenever you get asked for a bag. Say no to the products that have excess packaging. Like those stupid packs of apples wrapped in plastic and placed on styrofoam trays.

You can also make a powerful choice with what you buy and what you don’t. Have a look at the labels and make an informed decision. The more consumers supporting green products, the bigger shelf space they get in a supermarket. And it paves the way for other like minded brands who are struggling to get in there. The more we buy from the little guys, the better. Sure, price is important, but if you’re making a decision about something that’s an extra dollar from an independent versus the supermarket’s own brand, who do you want to be giving your hard earned cash to?

And finally, where possible, buy local and independent. Not just food, but clothes, books, alcohol – all that stuff. These businesses do it tough and are shrinking by the day.

Be An Unfucker and give them your support.


What we understand and what we don’t.

Hello Unfuckers. We’re so pleased you’ve stopped by our site and have hopefully shared it like an unfortunate bout of gonorrhea. The response so far has been unexpected and quite honestly, pretty fucking cool. So we thought we’d add a blog into the mix. Like with everything we’re trying to do, we want it to help inspire people to give a bit more of a shit. Or, as we’re probably preaching to the converted, give you something to talk about, share or read while you’re waiting for that friend who’s always late. 

There won’t be any DIY tips to make your own hessian undies or recipes for chia smoothies, but there will be random thoughts about why Unfucking needs to take over the world. Of course, with some pretty pictures because apparently people don’t read these days.

Cat Teapot

Ready for more? Good. We wanted to talk a little about the reason we started the site. It seems a lot of the general population suffers from a little thing called eco apathy. Now, we all live here. And as a general life rule, we care about where we live, right? We don’t toss rubbish in the middle of our living room or decorate our bedrooms with tasteful touches of plastic? So why can’t we care a little more about the place that houses all of life? It seems like a no brainer, but sadly, it isn’t. So how do you get people to care in the first place? What pushes them into turning apathy into action? Gentle cajoling? A prodding stick? We don’t have the answer, but we think for some, the people who think it’s fucked and shrug their shoulders, it’s the understanding that small things can make a big difference. 

We’re all for baby steps, because starting from somewhere is better than starting from nowhere. 

Be An Unfucker.

Deer Tongs