Go eco – fool

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Go eco – fool


**Hey Unfuckers, we're on holidays until May 8th so your cup won't ship till then. Sorry about that, but distance makes the heart grow fonder...for cups**

Tote bag with 'tude

Show the environmentally apathetic fools out there what they need to do. While carrying this bag, you must only talk like Mr. T, got it? Fool. 

100% certified organic

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Why are we making them?
We want to raise awareness about the environment, The Unfuckers, as well as give people an eco-friendly and ethically sound bag to carry their shit in.

What’s so good about them?
After a lot of searching, we decided on Earth Positive Apparel. Their products are 100% organic with 90% Reduced CO2. They’re made in India and are part of the Fair Wear Foundation that work to improve labour conditions for factory workers. We have also used eco friendly permaset ink to print on the bags. Niiiiice. 

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Australia and NZ, we're starting with you guys first. If you're from a country that we don't ship to, email us at hello@beanunfucker.com and we'll work something out. 
  • New Zealand: we wanted to give you a cheap option. So if you purchase one bag, it can be sent as a letter but it's not trackable. If you want a tracked option, get a friend and buy 2 bags so you can split postage. Just an idea.
  • The shipping costs are based on buying a max of 4 bags. If you want to buy more, please send us an email instead of freaking out our form. It's a delicate thing.
  • Shipping is based on Australia Post regular post – 2-6 working days depending on where you are.
  • From how we sourced these bags to the packaging we chose, we've weighed up the options to try and choose the most eco friendly option. It hurt our brains and crossed off a future job for either of us in green logistics.